A few common trends spotted were:

  • A whole lot of flannel—which is amazing for the fall season.
  • Yellow—which looks like an upcoming trend for the year.
  • Black—as usual because, well black is simply amazing (also totally my favourite colour).
  • Mom jeans—still trickling into 2020 from 2019, this anti-fit, straight cut jeans look fab on all body-types.
  • Waist belts or Corset belts—cause, gots’ to highlight em waistlines.
  • Pops of colour— cause let’s face it, everyone love’s a lil bit of colour to light up their lives.
  • Lilac— since our Bosslady wears it so well, and also a very recognised trend of 2019.
  • Fanny Packs—Nobody wants to carry a tedious, big, bag to a party, a fanny pack just packs in all your essentials for the night.

Our favourite content creators were so well-accessorized—major cred for their attention to detail.

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